KICKSTART ONLINE COURSES – live interactive classes by ‘video conference’.

Learn Spanish from the comfort of your own home! 15 hours of classes over 10 weeks – just 150€ including all study material. I take a maximum of 6 students at a time for these courses. Interact with other students & study ‘live’ with an experienced teacher of Spanish – me!

Do you want to learn Spanish but you don’t have time to get to classes? Are you unable to make a long term commitment?

Can you put aside an hour and a half a week on Sunday morning – for just 10 weeks at a time? 10:30am to 12 noon Spanish time. 

These courses are designed for you! I will KICKSTART your Spanish! You don’t need any special equipment – just a laptop or tablet with an integrated webcam & microphone is enough. I create a facebook group for the members of each course for you to support each other, swap tips & so on – & make new friends! 

BEGINNERS The Beginner course is aimed at beginners / near beginners / false beginners. We cover  what I call the ‘building blocks’ of Spanish & then at the end of the course you can either go away & practice on your own, or continue studying with me. 

ALL THE FIDDLY BITS To benefit from this course you will need an understanding of the general structure & use of Spanish, so it isn’t suitable for complete beginners, but anyone who has completed the Beginners Intensive course should be fine. Knowledge of different tenses isn’t a requirement though. We cover topics which even confident speakers often struggle with. Possessives, gustar & similar verbs, ser v estar, direct & indirect object pronouns, reflexive verbs & all those ‘little words’ which are often misused. 

INTERMEDIATE  This course is aimed at those who have at least a good basic knowledge & vocabulary, are fairly confident in their use of Spanish, but who want to expand their knowledge & use of different tenses. We cover at least 10 tenses during this course. 

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