COURSES OFFERED – several ways to study either face to face or ‘live online’


OPEN GROUPS: I put these groups together, and they meet at the same time every week. You will all have a similar level of Spanish, but you might not know each other before you join the group. I take a maximum of 8 in a group, but most groups have around 6 members. I will occasionally introduce new members to the groups. A great way to meet new people as well as learn Spanish!

Click the link for the TIMETABLE FOR GROUP CLASSES

CLOSED GROUPS: You get together with a group of friends or family with a similar level of Spanish & book a time slot for regular classes. I don’t introduce anyone to the group. My timetable permitting, if you need to cancel a class & can all agree an alternative time, I will try to accommodate you. We agree a cost per class for the group & you share that between you.

ONE TO ONE or COUPLES: Some people prefer to study alone or with just one friend or partner, so I offer this option too.

This is also good for those who live here part time, or who travel for work, because whenever you are here we will pick up where ever we stopped last time! You might not always have the same time slot each time you are here, but I’ll fit you in somewhere!

KICKSTART INTENSIVE COURSES: I run these one-week intensive courses a few times a year. Click the link for information about upcoming courses KICKSTART YOUR SPANISH!


I have limited availabilty for Spanish Classes by Skype. If you don’t live near Jávea or if you’re an occasional visitor who would like to combine these with face to face classes, this method of studying is ideal. 

KICKSTART ONLINE COURSES – live interactive classes by ‘video conference’. (click the link for more info.)

Learn Spanish from the comfort of your own home! 15 hours of classes over 10 weeks – 150€ including all study material. I take a maximum of 6 students at a time for these courses. Interact with other students & study ‘live’ with an experienced teacher of Spanish – me!



Click the link for FEES & TERM DATES 

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